Tap Into The ‘Hidden’ Goldmine That's Right Under Your Nose And Skyrocket Your Revenue

Video (VSL) Copywriting Services

Need a professionally-written video sales letter (VSL) or explainer video script? You've come to the right place.

Effective copy pays for itself many times over. Did you know every $1 invested in email marketing returns an average of $40-45? No other marketing method has such a high ROI.

Email is a powerful yet underused marketing tool. It’s a wise investment in your business to work with an experienced email copywriter and marketer. You’ll know exactly what to expect before we move forward, because we’ll agree on pricing at the beginning of the process. Most clients choose a monthly retainer package to lock in their savings.

Your email list is a goldmine hidden in plain sight, ripe for the picking. To extract the gold, you must send strategically-written emails on a regular basis. You worked hard and likely invested a fair amount of money to build that list, so let’s leverage it for you. Maybe you’re too busy or just don’t like to write emails. Let’s take this burden off your shoulders.

Don't outsource your email writing to someone who just read a couple copywriting books. Work with an experienced marketer (since 2002) who also happens to be a professional copywriter.

This is perfect for

    • broadcasts
    • followup sequences
    • nurturing / indoctrination sequences
    • ascension sequences (for upsells)
    • product launch sequences
    • e-commerce promos
    • abandoned shopping cart sequences
    • soap opera sequences
    • webinar promo sequences
    • video sales letter (VSL) promo sequences
    • strategy session promo sequences
    • survey promo sequences
    • flash sale promo sequences
    • whatever other emails you may need

Don't worry if some of those terms are unfamiliar to you -- I'll write whichever emails are appropriate for your situation.

Email copywriting services are priced per email message, regardless of length. I don't charge by the word or the hour. Standard service includes email writing only. For an additional charge I can set up your emails in your autoresponder/ESP/CRM software all ready to go out. I've worked with most of the major ones (Aweber, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip, GetResponse, Ontraport, etc.), and if I haven't, I can get up to speed quickly since I have a software background.

Order 10 emails at once from me, and I'll write another one for free. Order 20, and I'll write 2 more for free, and so on. I will automatically credit you for this. This includes the setup service if you purchase it.

I do not do graphic design. If you want the setup service, I'll do it as plain text or with a template you already have in place. I don't create HTML templates for emails since it's very time consuming and I'm not a designer.

If you really want to turbocharge your email marketing results, hire me on a monthly retainer. I will "take over" your email list, write and setup all the emails, test, and tweak to optimize your results. You can also hire me on retainer if you just want me to write your emails and stay out of your ESP software.

A La Carte Email Copywriting and Marketing Services


Video Copywriting
  • up to 300 words
  • up to 2 recorded minutes
  • delivered as text or Word file
  • 1 round of revisions included
  • no narration included
  • priced in 2-minute increments only
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Video Script + Narration
  • up to 300 words
  • up to 2 recorded minutes
  • 1 round of revisions included
  • professional voice recording
  • edited to finished audio file ready for use
  • priced in 2-minute increments only
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which niches or industries do you write for?

I've written for dozens of niches so I can write for almost anything. See the Portfolio page for a partial list of the ones I've worked in. I love having a variety of work. My philosophy is simple -- I won't take on your project unless I'm sure I can deliver for you. If I feel what you need is beyond my capabilities, I'll let you know and when possible, refer you to someone else.


Do you only write emails?

I also write other copy for the Internet, such as

    • Video sales letters (VSLs)
    • Sales and optin pages
    • Lead magnets
    • Facebook ads
    • Explainer videos
    • Webinars

I've also written a bit of offline copy, including brochures, direct mail, and press releases.


What sets you apart from other copywriters?

Several things:

    • I'm an experienced marketer and product creator, so I've done the entire sales lifecycle from idea to planning to product creation, copywriting, website creation, marketing, and sales
    • I'm a certified NLP Practitioner (from Advanced Neuro Dynamics)
    • I have a technical background so I can also build the pages I write, set up email autoresponder and webinar automations, set up tracking and testing tools, and do other tasks that most copywriters can't or won't do including building entire funnels
    • I'm an AdSkills Certified Media Buyer, so I can help you with your Facebook or other online ads, too. And I've spent over 300K of my own money on Facebook ads.
    • I'm a published author (three #1 Kindle bestsellers so far)
    • I'm a private pilot with 700+ hours logged, including flights to the Bahamas and in the Colorado Rockies (not really relevant, but still pretty cool)


Do you have any writing samples I can see?

Yes, I have plenty of samples. Get in touch with me and let me know what you're looking for (industry, type of copy, etc,), so I can get the most relevant samples to you.


Is writing copy all you do?

No. I also build funnels and manage online ads for clients. Funnels are mostly copy, so having a skilled copywriter build your funnel makes more sense than hiring someone who is a master of Photoshop but not a copywriter. I also have a publishing business selling products like courses and ebooks. And I'm available for voiceover work.


Can you write offline copy?

Yes, though I specialize in copy for the Internet like the deliverables listed above. Get in touch, and I'll let you know if I'm the right person to tackle your project.


How long have you been writing copy?

I started my publishing business in 2002. That's when I began writing copy as well as content such as ebooks and blogs. It wasn't until 2016 that I started taking on some copywriting clients. One of my first gigs was a full-time stint with a funnel-building service. That's where I learned I could write for almost any client and developed the ability to juggle several clients and projects at once.


What are your rates?

My rates for email writing are listed above. For other projects, llet's talk so I can find out what you need and give you a custom quote. I think you'll find me surprisingly affordable for my experience and skillset.


Do you work on retainer?

I'm available on a retainer business if you want to lock in quality copywriting at reasonable rates on an ongoing basis. I'm also available on a per-project basis.


What is your background? Do you have a degree in writing?

My degree is a BS in computer science from the University of Central Florida. That's where my technical skills come from. (Writing degrees aren't that relevant to copywriting -- I'm not aware of any top-level copywriters who have one, though there are probably exceptions.)

I was a software developer for quite a while before starting my business in 2002 and completely changing what I do for a living. Since then I've been a product creator, author, public speaker, blogger, affiliate marketer, coach, and funnel builder.


Do you work with agencies?

Some of my clients are agencies, so I know how to work with them. If you run an agency, I'd be happy to speak with you about working together. I'm not looking to work in your physical office, however.


Where are you based?

I live in sunny St Petersburg, Florida, USA, by the Gulf of Mexico (Eastern time zone).